Top 10 WORST Occasions to Allow a Card

Awful CardAccording to each Hallmark industrial ever created, nothing says "I love you," brings alienated family along or lightens a clumsy moment sort of a card. whereas the facility of the right one might so conquer all, some occasions area unit maybe somewhat less card worthy than others. As they assert in France, "La Merde Arrive." however once it will in one in every of these fashions, it should be best to debate before golf stroke it on paper.

1 Wage court order

"Uncle SAM needs You... to pay those student loans."
You work arduous for your cash. certain those thousands in back due taxes and unpaid government student loans have your name on them, however you may ne'er volitionally let the Feds get their dirty hands on your cold cash - and that they understand it.

2 Forgotten day of remembrance

"I forgot our day of remembrance, however I always remember i like you."
While a late happy greeting card is also appreciated, simply keep your head down if you forget your day of remembrance. Revenge could be a dish best served cold, thus do not steel her thunder. She'll make certain you always remember it once more, a technique or another.

3 Demotion

"Sit back, relax, and luxuriate in your change."
Whether Bob was demoted permanently reason or not (and we have a tendency to all apprehend he was - he spent six hours daily aquatics Craigslist for babes), it's simply not civilized to pour salt in his wounds. perhaps sprinkle it, however not at all pour it.

4 Divorce

"Divorce is sort of a crash diet..."
There is also no faster thanks to drop one hundred forty pounds, however one should not announce the tip of one's wedding with a card. this is often not the 1700's. These surprising revelations area unit best created through text message (or fax, if you are living underneath a rock).

5 Parasitic Infection

"It's a Bouncing Baby Botfly!"
They visited Republic of Costa Rica and every one you bought was a stinking T-shirt. As they suffer torturing pain and various medical complications as hosts of parasitic pets, you'll wear that T-shirt and be glad that is all they brought you.

6 Parole

"No a lot of Soap on a Rope!"
Of course Guido is innocent. That horse's head got into Tommy Salami's bed all by itself. Be that because it might, he is currently enjoying his parole. If you do not need to allow him occasion to recollect the 2 hundred giant you owe his first cousin Jimmy, it would be best to skip the card congratulations.

7 assay

"Congratulations, it is not Your Baby!"
So it is not his baby. meaning no support payment, and no free tending. you are going to wish to supply for your kid another manner, and everybody is aware of those reality shows pay. Take him on Maury Povich; it'll be a lot of dramatic - and profitable.

8 proceeding

"You continually aforementioned you're keen on tenting..."
What a weight off your shoulders! No a lot of flushing cash down the negative-equity rest room. No a lot of got to rise early Sunday to mow the field. currently you'll sleep in everyday... if the boozed up bum within the box not far away can keep the racket down.

9 Adoption

"Maybe you are a Princess!"
By the time she's eighteen, she has in all probability noticed that she appearance nothing such as you, her brother or grandparent Lou (thank God!). Unless you are going to follow your card up with "and thus you are really the ruler of France," or "it's time to begin honing your super powers," you best not trust Hallmark to try and do the dirty work.

10 disease

"I Burn for You..."
Gonorrhea, Hepatitis, Typhus, Influenza, The Black Death... the list goes on. If you've got one thing nobody else needs, there isn't any time for a card. Get yourself to the doctor, the medication man or the closest ceremony Aid and begin smearing on it ointment, drinking that tincture or applying those compresses.
While the occasions higher than is also best left alone or to a one-on-one spoken communication, there area unit several things during which a card could be a mighty fine plan. From the birth of a baby (human and expected, of course), to the announcement of a wedding, the celebration of a birthday or the expression of dear sympathy or well desires, you will find the right card you are looking for at Mention TOP10WOGC after you place your order and we'll even offer you a FREE card.