Create Christmas Greeting Card

Create Cristmas Greeting Card
Did you recognize that the tradition of getting a Christmas tree was started by the Victorians? Queen Victoria's husband, blue blood prince consort, came upon a adorned tree reception for his or her family. And if the house had one, everybody else needed one!

Here's a Show Pine Tree State guide to creating your own Christmas tree from 2 items of card. It's fast and simple, and you'll be able to use it as a decoration or provides it to somebody special as a Christmas card.

Art materials together with scissors, glue and pens
You will need:

  • Scrap paper (a piece as tall as you would like your tree to be)
  • colored card (twice the dimensions of the scrap paper)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
For decorating your tree, you'll additionally would like felt pens, paints, colored pencils, bits of paper and sticky-backed paper, plant fibre, glitter, sticky tape, and a glue stick.

Remember: if you're victimisation paints or glue, defend your surface with newspaper!

Fold the piece of scrap paper edge to edge lengthways, then, beginning and finishing on the fold of the paper, draw [*fr1] a Christmas tree form (see image below)

Image on the hand shows a bit of paper being closed lengthways; central image shows a Christmas tree style being drawn; on the proper facet the planning is cut out.L-R: the way to create your Christmas tree example
If you would like your finished tree to square up, make certain you provide your form a flat bottom.

Carefully cut out your tree form and unfold it... and there you've got your example.

Using your example, draw 2 Christmas tree shapes onto your sheet of colored card (see image below) and cut them out.

Image on the left shows Christmas tree shapes being drawn on positive identification employing a example, and therefore the image on the proper shows the cut out inexperienced Christmas tree shapesCutting out your Christmas tree shapes
Now, here's the necessary bit. Use a ruler to live halfway between the highest and bottom of every tree form.

Then draw a line from the highest to the center of 1 tree form and a line from the center to all-time low of the opposite tree form.

Cut on the lines you've got simply drawn (see below left.)

Now slot the tree shapes along.

Image on the left shows one inexperienced Christmas tree form being split the center from all-time low and therefore the image on the proper shows the shapes being slotted along.Making your 3D card
And there you go! A 3D Christmas tree that stands up by itself.

A standing christmas tree form

Now it is time for you to urge artistic...
You can embellish your tree in many other ways. It's in all probability easier to brighten the shapes before you fit them along.

Here we've USAed some star shapes out of colored card - the one on the left below us adorned with shapes cut from sticky-backed paper. you may additionally attach a loop of thread to the highest with sticky tape, therefore it is decorated up (see below centre).

You could create your tree into a Christmas card by writing a message on one section of it (below right).

Image on left facet shows inexperienced Christmas tree form being adorned with pink and yellow star; central image shows the cardboard hanging by a loop; hand image shows Christmas card with writingDecorating your Christmas card
The pink one below has asteroid holes punched in it with a special hole punch. you'll be able to get one in an exceedingly craft search.

The snowy tree was created by golf shot glue on the perimeters of the tree, then pressing tiny items of plant fibre onto it.

Image on left shows a pink card Christmas tree form with stars cut out of it and therefore the image on the proper shows a inexperienced Christmas tree form with white plant fibre simulating snow.Decorated Christmas tree cards
Lots of tiny Christmas trees is rib onto a bit of string to create a garland like this one.

Hanging christmas tree decorations

We're positive that with slightly imagination, you'll be able to return up with even higher concepts for decorating your 3D Christmas tree. you may find yourself with a joyous forest of them!

You can explore a Victorian Christmas from the Powerhouse deposit in Sydney, Australia.

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